Ticket to True Love

A little bit of magic, a lot of heart

Ticket to True Love is a series about new beginnings, second chances,
and finding true love in unexpected places. Visitors to True Springs are skeptical about the town’s legendary water leading them to love, but residents believe. Even they don’t realize, however, that the water is only part of the story...

Brought to you by award-winning author JB Schroeder and this amazing team of well-loved, best-selling authors: Savannah Kade, Christi Snow, Shirley Hailstock, Julie Strauss, Terri Osburn, Kim Law, Christine Ashworth, Holland Rae, Moni Boyce, and Jennifer Wilck!


Sadie hardly needed persuasion to agree enter a fake, temporary marriage with the man of her dreams. But what happens when Jake wants to make the union permanent and discovers she’s already made other plans?


Hailey and Adam were supposed to chase their dreams together, but at the last minute, he balked. Leaving Adam was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do, and Hailey would have sworn she was over him … until she saw him in Nashville and everything changed.


She needed an escape from the paparazzi, not a magical tonic to fall in love. But now that she’s fallen for a guy who cherishes his privacy, how long do they have before he discovers her true identity?

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Release date 10/22!


Melissa wants to believe in the legend of the fountain waters, but nothing ever happened to her in True Springs. Spiriting off to Hawaii, she's surrounded by flyboys and the women they see when on the island. Melissa refuses to be one of them. Then pilot Jordan Scott steps into her world. Will she use the vials of water from the spring and take the chance that he is her ticket to true love?

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Release date 11/5!


She’s an ex-junkie with a criminal past.
He’s a cop with a chip on his shoulder.
Falling in love will cost them everything. Resisting each other is impossible.

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Release date 11/19!

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